CRC Receives Award as best loan application services provider in Nigeria

The availability of reliable credit information is the cornerstone of business. Without it, no company – large or small – can expect to avoid risk or, indeed, expand its customer base. CRC Credit Bureau specialises in facilitating lending to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises. In Nigeria, and elsewhere, SMEs are the drivers of progress. Any business empowering SMEs deserves accolades.Read More

Measuring customer financial security
and vulnerability

CRC Credit Bureau Limited, a private limited liability company duly incorporated and licensed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was established by a consortium of Eleven (11) leading Financial Institutions and Dun & Bradstreet (a leading global credit information service provider) with the purpose of creating and operating a customer and corporate credit bureau in Nigeria.Learn More

Self Enquiry

Gain access to personal credit reports containing details about your identity and financial behavior and outstanding debts. These credit reports can be made available to you as permitted by the law and may eventually speed up your ability to get credit.Obtain Your Credit Report