At CRC, we offer a range of credit information report facilities to financial institions who are seeking to get various types of credit reports or mandated to get periodic reports on their creditors by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Among these reports are:

  • CRC Credit Information Reports (CIRs) - This product assists credit grantors (banks, non-bank financial institutions, insurance, telecommunications companies, utility companies and retailers) to make credit decisions on their customers, in order to determine their credit worthiness. There are three different types of reports which can be used for consumer and corporate clients namely:
    • Basic Credit Informatin Report
    • Compact Credit Information Report
    • Classic Credit Information Report
  • CRC Self Inquiry This service allows individual & corporate customers access their credit information reports and assess the submissions made by lending institutions with regards to them.
  • CRC Portfolio Monitoring Review - This offering entails a review of the portfolio of its members in bulk. The portfolios are analysed to generate behavioural trends from credit histories of the members' credit portfolio across the Nigerian lending sector
  • CRC Batch Processing - This service allows lenders to periodically update the risk profile of entire portfolios by reviewing the current credit information of their clients. It also allows lenders who wish to determine the credit status of potential customers for a new product, to provide CRC Credit Bureau with a list of these potential customers' names, in volume, to run credit information reports
  • CRC Prospecta - This service provides you with the demographic information required for organizations to reach a broad spectrum of customers to deepen their customer base and increase profitability. It is a direct marketing product that is required by organizations who wish to target specific individuals and businesses for their products and services. What s further relevant is the ability to dimension this information along the lines of capacity and appetite to incur credit.
  • CRC Short/Medium Term Fraud Detection - This product is designed to help lenders identify and prevent fraud. This may include:
    • File cross-referencing
    • Fraud scoring
    • Fraud detection systems
  • CRC Credit Information Verification - This service confirms the previous existence of a combination of the applicant's name, address and idenification number.
  • CRC Credit Score - This assesses default risk of existing and prospective customers using industry-accepted credit scoring models.
  • CRC Monitors and Alerts - This is an electronic monitor, which provides instant alerts to consumers & commercial entities when credit reports are pulled on them.


To request for any of these products or make further enquiries, kindly contact the underlisted persons:

Peggy Chukwuma-Nwosu

Mobile No: +234 (0) 8038435282



Innocent Itobore

Mobile No: +234 (0) 8184294399