CRC CONplus (Credit Overview Notification Plus) delivers an easy, convenient and cost effective information that enables a company monitor their overall credit exposure through periodic e-mail notification, usually monthly which can be viewed on the go.

Beyond the opportunity to maintain constant checks on organization’s reputation, CRC CONplus notifications also offer subscribers prompt identification of any irregularity in their credit status information for prompt corrections. 
Borrowers can now be a step ahead of their prospective creditors, or users of their credit information reports with ease.

It also helps your company to:

  • Maintain a history of credit exposure performance, thereby enhancing the opportunity to access new facilities as at when needed and at reasonable terms.
  • Ensure that all paid down loans or indebtedness have been duly reported, processed, and updated to the credit bureau.
  • Ensure that the loan portfolio of all credit institutions interacted with (by the organization) are correctly reported and are not adulterated in any way.
  • Detect fraud and other theft cases that can be committed using a subscriber’s details through regular monitoring of their details at the Credit Bureau.
  • Know what has been reported about your organization from various lending/credit institutions
  • Use this product as a tool in balancing the books of various departments and also as a means of cost analysis and financial reporting.

To access this service an application form needs to be completed by clicking the subscribe button below.

Note that all fields with the ‘*’ mark are mandatory and thus must be duly filled.

Please have the following documents to upload before proceeding to the subscription page:

  • Registration Certificate Number (RC Number)
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  • Scanned copy of the data page of international passport, voter’s card, driver’s license or national id of the authorized signatory of the company.

Customers should note that incomplete forms or inadequate supply of required documentation may lead to delay in processing their request.

Kindly click on the link below to subscribe for CONplus at a fee.


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