CRC Dishonored Instrument Verification System (DIVS) is an online resource that helps you “Know Your Customer” better by searching for their dishonored cheques history. It shows:

  • Issuer’s information (Name, Telephone number, Email, Date of Birth etc)
  • Issuer’s bank details (Bank, Account Number etc)
  • Details of the cheque(s) (Cheque number, Amount etc)
  • Reason and frequency of return


Why do I need this information?

  1. Better understanding of the customer’s character regarding cheque issuance prior any business transaction.
  2. Reduce the risk of accepting dud cheque(s) as post payment of goods and services.
  3. Quick turnaround time of decision making.
  4. A one stop shop for all cheque information on all serial dishonored cheque issuers.
  5. An additional tool for risk assessment and provision in line with the directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


How do I get this information?

Please contact Peggy Chukwuma-Nwosu on 08038435282 or  and Innocent Itobore on 08184294399 or innocent.itobore@crccreditbureau.comMake an informed credit decision today!!