The CRC Monitors and Alerts Service provides customers (individual and creditor institutions) a proactive means of constantly monitoring their credit portfolio. The service is received as an e-mail notification, with details of changes on loan records and details of searches/inquiries made on the customers. The service is available to both CRC members and individual subscribers.



A service in the CRC Monitors and Alerts package which provides individual subscribers with daily email notifications on"

  • Any new loan record submitted to CRC by its members on the subject.
  • Changes on critical loan performance components of existing loans
  • Details of loan records that have just been reported as closed
  • Details of searches being conducted by lenders or authorized users of CRC where the subscriber may have had existing transaction.


  • Helps with customers monitor changes in their credit records and identify errors.
  • Provides information about new credit record submissions by lenders to the bureau.
  • Informs about inquiries made on customers by authorized companies for any of the permissible purposes.
  • Helps subscribers catch identity theft.



The CRC Members Monitors and Alerts service:


  • Helps CRC members closely monitor changes in their customers credit records especially form other data providers 
  • Provides information that help identity customers that have begun to experience a change in loan performance most especially negatively.
  • Details information on their customer’s new loan record from other credit grantors
  • Provides details of enquiries made on customers by authorized companies for permissible purposes.



Both CRC Monitors and Alerts Service for Individuals and Members provide its subscribers with information on changes that occur in their respective portfolio elements.

The difference lies in the scope of the subject being monitored. 

  • While individuals receive notifications on adjustments that have occurred on their respective loans with their banks or lenders; Members receive notification on changes that have occurred on their respective customers loans with them and with other banks and lenders.
  • The same context apply to inquiries on such subjects/subscribers.

This service is designed to provide a more targeted monitoring of only areas in any credit portfolio where changes are apparent. 

Note that all fields with the ‘*’mark are mandatory and thus must be duly filled. Please have the following in place before proceeding to the subscription page:

  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Scanned copy of the data page of your international passport, voter’s card, driver’s license and/or national id.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash deposits into the CRC account details available on the request form. Also, note that payments can be made online via quickteller

Customers should note that incomplete form or inadequate supply of required documentation may lead to delay in processing of request.

Kindly click on the link below to subscribe for Monitors and Alerts at a fee.


Further enquiries or duly completed and signed form should be directed to