What do I do, When There is an Error in my Credit Report?

CRC Credit Bureau Limited Created on: 25 June, 2021 Last Updated on: 25 June, 2021
What do I do, When There is an Error in my Credit Report?

Mistakes are a fact of life; it is the response to the error that counts… Nikki Giovanni.

To make mistakes is a normal human occurrence but when it is an error that can affect your financial reputation, then you must take steps as quickly as possible to remedy and rectify the situation. So, how do you find out these mistakes, in the first place, about your financial credit history? The best way is to periodically request for your credit report.

A Credit Report is a detailed breakdown of an individual’s credit history prepared by a Credit Bureau.  A Credit Bureau collects financial information about individuals and create credit reports based on that information and lenders/creditors use that information alongside other requirements to determine loan/credit applicants risk level. Some reasons why checking your credit report regularly is advised are as follows:

The information on your credit report, can affect whether you get a loan or not.

To make sure the information listed on the report is accurate, complete and up to date before you apply for a loan or a credit facility.

Regularly requesting and reviewing your Credit Report should be of great importance and should be at the top of your personal financial habits. Your credit helps you shine a light into your financial background revealing your personal credit history and shows prospective lenders and creditors your credit worthiness. It is also an effective means of guiding against identity theft and consumer fraud.

So, you requested for your Credit Report and there is wrong information on it, what do you do? The Nigeria Credit Reporting Act, 2017 states that, a ‘Data Subject’ which is the individual in question, should do the following:

The ‘Data Subject’ submit a complaint in writing (either by electronic email or other written means) to the Credit Information Provider or Credit Bureau.

A credit information provider or credit bureau shall upon receipt of the complaint investigate, determine and communicate the outcome of the determination of such complaint to the Data subject within 10 working days following the receipt of the complaint. For more information on the Credit Reporting Act, 2017, visit https://www.crccreditbureau.com/uploads/files/Credit-Reporting-Act-2017.pdf

Being Vigilant about your credit history, knowing and understanding your credit report is no longer a luxury or something to be ignored, it is a necessity. To request for your Credit Report from CRC Credit Bureau, visit our website https://www.crccreditbureau.com/product/crc-self-enquiry and request for your credit report today.

If you have requested for your credit report and noticed an error it, please contact CRC Credit Bureau by sending an email to: support@crccreditbureau.com