CRC Credit Information Report

CRC Credit Information Report

This product assists the credit grantors (banks, non-bank financial institutions, insurance, telecommunications companies, utility companies, and retailers) have access to holistic and unbiased credit information to make informed credit decisions and conduct due diligence on their customers, investors, contractors, and potential employees before engagement of services.

With CRC Credit Information Report, credit grantors enjoy quick decision-making on credit-related products based on customers’ repayment behavior and capacity as revealed in their credit history. Hence, it enables them to have an improved understanding of their customer’s credit status.

The turnaround time for credit management decisions is increased with organizations having access to robust credit information, to improve credit assessment processes thereby reducing onboarding costs. Receivables are reduced due to compelled repayment(s) from defaulters.

There are five different types of credit reports in standard and premium versions for consumer and corporate entities, namely: 

  1. Nano Credit Information Report
  2. Micro Credit Information Report
  3. Basic Credit Information Report
  4. Compact Credit Information Report
  5. Classic Credit Information Report

The premium versions of the credit reports have credit scores included in them as well as other detailed fields of data such as dishonoured cheques and litigation details just to mention a few.

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